16 October 2011


"It's already 2 months I'm walking into a new life. Just imagine time passed without we notice. Whatever happens now and in the future we must look forward "

"I feel like just yesterday I cycled went to primary school. Join activities that I'm enjoy with. Walking into boarding school for 5 years. It's very unforgettable lessons indeed. Friends, teachers, mix feelings: happy, sad, angry, stress, love, missing and many feelings that is hard to story. Went to matrix college before chose your own university. How time flies..."

"Now, here I am. For another stage of life: WORK,WORK,WORK. It's very funny though. Yesterday you still studying, busy with assignments, exams, military training too. Today you work for your future. Future that no one can't be sure. As a Muslim, we must always pray for the better path in our life. I am grateful that I am still alive and get what I want in life and message for myself: be struggle for your own future"

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